We Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

A modern retail strategy & storytelling consultancy

Turning Shoppers into BuyersTM

STYLED RETAILTM is a retail strategy and storytelling consultancy with 25+ years of client experience delivering measurable results to clients nationwide.

We make retail commerce smarter, sexier, more experiential, more profitable and fun

Retail made smarter by utilizing data, technology and industry trends synthesized in an experiential way

Retail made sexier by understanding the brand ethos and marketing it in a desirable and alluring package

Retail made more profitable by focusing on margin maximization, buying fundamentals and ROI

Retail made more experiential by infusing our clients’ stores with STYLED RETAIL’s proprietary insights

And yes, Retail made more fun. Because if you aren’t having fun, your customers aren’t either. And fun translates into repeat business

STYLED RETAILTM – Our value proposition is clear:

We have lived “retail lives” in big firm management and small startups and understand the experience, risk taking endeavors and entrepreneurial mindset necessary for telling unique brand stories and winning at retail.

Why music?

That’s easy, everything in life is made better by music, including retail environments. Music is the soundtrack to our lives.

Both personally and professionally, music can positively impact our day and make a good experience better. A better experience, great. And a great experience, fantastic.

As a retail consultancy, we embrace music as a form of guest service.
Music plays a dynamic role in creating a retail experience that is anything but staid. Whether in the foreground or background, music adds to life’s playground.

Come visit us here every month as we curate a collection of hip tunes from yesterday and today that feel So Right. Maybe you’ll hear something that moves you too.

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