Our Point of View

Experience ExplorersSM

We consider ourselves retail “Experience ExplorersSM.” Through strategy and storytelling, we unearth the missing components of the retail consumer experience and amplify solutions for true shopping value and enjoyment. So, how do we do it – really?

Well, it starts with having a strong, informed point of view developed through years of experience and successful initiatives that have resulted in measurable profitability. We are guided by three (3) important core points of view for retail leadership and success:


We believe retail is a delicate balance of art and science. We start with values, first. Values matter. Now, more than ever.

Inside Out Approach

Plain and simple, our point of view is that strategy around retail fundamentals comes first. Then, storytelling has the ability to take a good retail company to greatness. Through our inside-out-formula, we marry effective strategy and engaging storytelling — our consultancy formula is unique and effective.


Nothing of substance lasts without a core focus on training and service. G.I.F.T. Training is our proprietary sales and service training that propels sales associates from passive associates into knowledgeable advocates for products –becoming a successful ambassador of the experiential retail environment.